Heli-Photo Services

Dale Fisher Heliphoto provides custom aerial photography for marketing businesses, residential and commercial real estate, project documentation, journalism, exploration, mapping, gifts.

Using the latest high-resolution cameras, on-site large-format archival-printers, state-of-the-art framing equipment, as well as an in-house graphic designer enable us to provide clients with a complete project from photography, graphic design and printing services to the framed photograph. Sometimes in the same day!

Fisher’s ‘Eagle Eye’ and 50+ years experience in helicopter photography gives a distinctive perspective unmatched by photographs taken from airplanes, drones or from the ground; transforming buildings, freeways, construction sites, farms, and homes into works of fine art.

Reasons to choose Dale Fisher Heliphoto:

  • High Resolution/High Quality
  • Digital images for marketing, print & internet
  • Everything Done On-Site
  • From framed prints to custom graphic design services
  • 50+ Years Experience

Aerial photographs are perfect for:

  • Project Documentation
  • Marketing Material
  • Project Documentation
  • Website & Social Media
  • Wall Hangings
  • Client Gifts

Aerial Helicopter Photography is more affordable than you think!

Contact us for pricing and details.


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